School (and projects)

as i was clearing my hotmail, i chanced upon the emails by my unimates with the subject ‘HT9102ppt’, ‘HC361’, ‘Bajin ppt’ etc..

it was then i realize, i actually do miss schooling.

it has been a year and 3 months ever since i graduated, and 8months+ since i started working.

work has only changed me to a much lazier person. and this is bad. i always wondered how will it be like stepping into the real society. but i am really lucky. to be here.

no office politics, nice sg boss, doing sthg i like…
i should really cherish what i’ve got, and not take things for granted.

but i still miss schooling (secondary, poly, uni). those days were the least stressful. though i may not have the best grades (in fact lousy max), it was just serene.

and i want to travel.
korea, taiwan, hongkong, london, japan and the list goes on….

shall save up for my next trip! 고고싱!

School (and projects)

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